Making sure your real estate listing photos are fantastic


Having great real estate listing photos is an important part of getting your house to sell quickly. Real estate listing photos that show the best aspects of your home can attract more people to your home and hopefully trigger a competitive spirit between buyers which can help to boost the price.  Here are some tips on getting the best photos. Clear away the clutter Make sure that you make the most of the space you have and hide away any clutter from your yard and home.

9 June 2016

Why You Need a Professional Photographer for Special Business Events


Professional photography is fast becoming a preferred method of choice for businesses to capture special events such as marketing and publicity campaigns, new product launches, award ceremonies and corporate seminars for employees. While a regular photographer can also take pictures, they can't rival the type of service that you will receive from a professional event photographer, and here's why. Special adjustment to the requirements of every event Unlike regular photographers, professional event photographers recognise that each business event is unique in its own way.

12 August 2015

3 Considerations for Quality Canvas Photo Printing


If you want to display your photography at home or in your office, you should consider choosing canvas printing. This method of showcasing digital art presents unique aesthetics, is durable and generally expedient in terms of service access. You can carry out the printing tasks at home or engage professionals for expert results. Here are some important considerations to help you get the best canvas-printed photography. Canvas Choice There are different types of canvas products available for purchase in the photography industry.

27 May 2015