Lovely landscapes and backgrounds

I love to decorate my house with photos from my travels and adventures. By printing out photos and memories that I can look at through the day, I can make each day feel like a new adventure. If you have a wandering spirit but are stuck at home for the moment for whatever reason, then photos can help you feel connected to the wider world. Read on to explore with me the best ways to explore different types of pictures on different formats and in different scenarios. It's always worth keeping connected to that sense of the adventures you've had and those that lay ahead!

Making sure your real estate listing photos are fantastic


Having great real estate listing photos is an important part of getting your house to sell quickly. Real estate listing photos that show the best aspects of your home can attract more people to your home and hopefully trigger a competitive spirit between buyers which can help to boost the price. 

Here are some tips on getting the best photos.

Clear away the clutter

Make sure that you make the most of the space you have and hide away any clutter from your yard and home. It can often be a good idea to remove existing furniture and instead stage the home with flattering furniture in configurations that emphasise the best features of the home. This can also be a good excuse to throw out any rubbish from the spare room or forlorn garden furniture so you don't need to move them. 

Use a professional photographer

While you can get great photos on a smartphone, the experience of a professional real estate photographer can be invaluable in identifying the best angle to photograph your property from. They also have professional equipment which can help to get spectacular shots, and they can also help to edit photos to help frame the house and make the picture look as good as possible. 

Make sure the photos are accurate

It's important not to be deceptive or edit out important details of the photos on your listing. One Sydney real estate agency found themselves in hot water when they distributed photos of a property that omitted the fact it was bordered by a large water tank. It turned out that the property had merely been photographed from an extremely flattering angle but many buyers felt deceived by the photos. 

Take photos at the best time of day

All houses have some times of day when the light is most flattering. While computer editing can do a lot, having a shot of a kitchen in the morning light or a courtyard in dappled afternoon light can be a real selling point for a house. Let the professional photographer know the best time to shoot the house so that they can get these beautiful photos. 

Getting flattering real estate photos can help you to sell your property as quickly as possible for the best possible price. A professional photographer can be an easy way to capture these shots and get your selling campaign off to a great start. 


9 June 2016