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I love to decorate my house with photos from my travels and adventures. By printing out photos and memories that I can look at through the day, I can make each day feel like a new adventure. If you have a wandering spirit but are stuck at home for the moment for whatever reason, then photos can help you feel connected to the wider world. Read on to explore with me the best ways to explore different types of pictures on different formats and in different scenarios. It's always worth keeping connected to that sense of the adventures you've had and those that lay ahead!

Why You Need a Professional Photographer for Special Business Events


Professional photography is fast becoming a preferred method of choice for businesses to capture special events such as marketing and publicity campaigns, new product launches, award ceremonies and corporate seminars for employees.

While a regular photographer can also take pictures, they can't rival the type of service that you will receive from a professional event photographer, and here's why.

Special adjustment to the requirements of every event

Unlike regular photographers, professional event photographers recognise that each business event is unique in its own way. Taking pictures of a model inside a studio for a new product promotion campaign may require a proper indoor arrangement including the use of reflective lighting. Depending on the reflective properties of the walls, floors and ceilings, professional event photographers can adjust the backlighting above or below the model to obtain the desired results.

Or perhaps the pictures may have to be taken in a spontaneous environment without the active engagement of the subjects. For instance, the photographer can focus and take high-quality pictures of a corporate leader giving a speech to the employees in a team-building retreat without interfering with the event.

Best equipment for every special occasion

You have to get this right from the start: Having a good camera alone does not make one a skilled photographer! Professional photographers not only use the best camera devices found in the industry today but also use camera supplies and accessories to create the right photographic mood for every special event.

An expert event photographer knows the best camera equipment and camera supplies ranging from backup cameras and data storage cards, to flash lighting and backdrops needed to produce the best pictures for your business. Wireless remote control devices can be used to trigger speed lights in on-location sites whereas radio triggers will be used for outdoor locations. This way, everything needed to capture the memories of the event in a special way will be made available.

Unmatched value for money

Every business strives to cut its costs of operation. However, hiring an amateur event photographer shouldn't be one way for you to do that. While you might save a few extra dollars hiring an amateur, you'll miss out on the priceless technical expertise that professional event photographers bring into the photography industry.

Professionals can take the best pictures even in those challenging environments such as corporate parties where the subjects are always moving around. Most skilled photographers charge an hourly rate for their services. When you hire one to cover your specific business event, you can rest assured knowing that everything will be included: Cost will typically take account of their time, light retouching and the delivery of superior images. However, be ready to pay a premium for their services.


12 August 2015